Finned Tubular and Finned Strip Heaters



Finstrip elements are superior to open coil elements since the heating coil is completely encased in a metal sheath, minimizing a shock hazard due to accidental contact with the heater. The rigid metal sheath minimizes hot spots and electrical shorting, likely with open coil elements. Application temperatures to 565°F are typical using finned strip units. Fintube elements have a finned tubular design that provides the same benefits as the finned strip heater and additional features, allowing for special bending configurations to provide higher concentrations of installed kW for a given area. The elements can be supplied with bulkhead threaded fittings, and may include optional hermetically sealed terminals, or extra heavy wall thickness for use in atmospheres containing hazardous fumes or gasses. Finned element diameters of 0.315" and 0.475" are standard, with high temperature aluminum painted steel sheath and furnace brazed fins being the most common materials. Stainless Steel or MONEL sheath and fins are also available for corrosive environments.


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