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Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems 
Electrolux leverages its experience from decades of manufacturing custom process heaters for the Power Generation industry to design and build the best fuel gas conditioning systems available.  Unlike most fabricators and packagers who utilize purchased parts and basically assemble their systems, Chromalox is completely vertically integrated to provide you with the best quality and performance. Our factories build the fuel gas conditioning systems from the ground up, guaranteeing quality materials and workmanship from the singular tubular heating element and power controllers, through the piping, pressure vessels, and instrumentation, all the way up to the completely integrated package.

Our expertise goes beyond just welding, wiring, and assembling. When you purchase a Chromalox fuel gas conditioning system, you can have confidence that it is backed with virtually 100 years of process heating manufacturing and experience, universal third party certifications, and a global network of engineering and service personnel ready to support your system anywhere in the world.

Terminology used to describe these systems: 

Typical components include:

  • Fuel gas conditioning system (or skid)
  • Electric fuel gas heaters
  • Dewpoint heater
  • SCR power control panels
  • Start-up heater
  • Filters and Separators
  • Performance heater
  • Valving and instrumentation


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