Ceramic Insulated Band Heaters pojasen grejac



- Ceramic insulated heaters are prepared by arranging imported static ceramic Stones on 80/20 1100 ºC nickel-chrome wire and its exterior part is coated with stainless steel sheet.

- Thanks to high conductive ceramic, long service life, fast and simultaneous dispersion of heat is realized by installing chrome-nickel wire properly.
- Thanks to conservation of heat achieved by ceramic fibres conservation of energy up to 25% to 45% can be obtained.Glass fibre cable and armoured cable whose exterior surface is coated with stainless steel upon request.
- Ceramic heaters can be loaded up to 8.5 watt per cm².
- These heaters can be manufactured in special dimensions and values.
Technical Specifications:
\"\"1-Resistance wire (80/20)
2-Ceramic stone (static)
3-ceramic fiber
4-outer sheath (stainless sheet)
5-Power connection box
Note: Ceramic heater with insulation, energy links in the desired shape (plug, Clemens, screw, cable) is produced.
Heaters and the desired diameter, length, volts and watts are produced as.


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